Monthly Archives: April 2005

The Pope’s Passing

Dying is not a Catholic event, it is a human event. And in his dying, this pope showed us a great human spirit. He allowed us to witness his passing, confident that his faith would allow him to do it with grace and acceptance. Whether we are better for what he did during his life is something people will long debate. But there can be no doubt that we are better for what he did in his death. Each of […]

A Weary Heart

It has been a hard week. I still hurt for my community. Small town living, for those of you who don’t know it, is a strange experience. Even in a city the size of ours — maybe 10,000 folks — over the years you get to recognize almost everybody. Some you know, many you don’t. Many you know about, and many know about you. You carry on your life pretending to know only about a tenth of the people about […]