Monthly Archives: March 2005

Kent’s “radio diary” on WBUR’s On Point

On Point is a public radio live evening news program, produced by WBUR in Boston. Kent recorded a “radio diary” as part of tonight’s show on the Red Lake tragedy. “In the radio diary, Kent Nerburn shares a piece of advice to all Americans who are watching news coverage of the Native American tribe he knows so intimately.” Kent’s radio diary, a reading of his They are all our children blog post, is towards the end of the show at […]

Silent City, Silent Cries

There are places where the world holds its breath and has a strange cast of spirit. We’ve all encountered them — prisons, concentration camps, the Bear’s Paw surrender site where I’ve just spent so many hours in my research on the Nez Perce. They are hallowed in some dark fashion by the events that have transpired there. Red Lake has a place that the elders know, called “Silent City.” It is just a field in a vast expanse of bracken […]