Monthly Archives: March 2005

The Red Lake Shootings — The Media Recedes

The media frenzy is subsiding. They heard the explosion, came running, found little to photograph and few with whom to speak, and now are moving on. Somewhere another explosion is being heard. And now, ever so slowly, Red Lake is left to the long task of healing. You have done the right thing, Red Lake. You have closed your doors. This was not an issue requiring national scrutiny, like a war carried on in all our names. This is a […]

CNN’s “Inside the Blogs”

A blogger named Trey Jackson captures news video clips for his blog called Jackson’s Junction. Earlier today, he posted about a segment from ‘Inside the Blogs’ — a regular feature of CNN’s Inside Politics — in which they checked around the blogosphere for reactions to, among other stories, the Red Lake shootings. Kent’s blog is one of those mentioned towards the end of segment, starting at the 2 minute 45 second mark. “An interesting blog that’s quick to note here, […]