Monthly Archives: January 2005

A Problematic Entry

I really don’t quite trust what I am about to do here, but I’m going to do it. A few of you — a very few — know Road Angels, my 2002 book about travels down the West Coast. In it I tried something very different from my other books, both in tone and in content. I wanted to take a look at the American dream at the turn of the century; to paint a series of pictures of people […]

Contacting me

I’ve been told by some of you that you can’t figure out how to make comments on the website. This is unfortunate, and I’d like to explain the situation. Due to astonishing amounts of spam, I’ve had to shut down the “comments” section. Somehow, the masters of cyberjunk have figured out how to randomly attach to websites, and through links or whatever, can increase the amount of junk you receive in exponential increments. If I open the “comments” section, your […]