Monthly Archives: January 2005

Some Thoughts for Teachers

Joseph is done. Well, almost done. I’ve finished the journey in terms of having completed a satisfactory manuscript. Now it’s time to reread, correct, check facts, fill in blank spots, make sure things flow, get tenses right, elaborate and compress where necessary, and generally get the manuscript dressed up for the dance. This is an interesting stage. It’s like getting a house ready to sell: it’s too late to change the structure or the fundamental soundness, but you can make […]

Deep Winter and the Emergence of Joseph

There is really very little to say when the mercury hits -38 (and that’s fahrenheit for those of you in centigrade countries). The mind, like the body, stills, and focus or hysteria is there for the taking. There have been years when this annual cold spike has immobilized me. But this year it has induced concentrated effort. What this concentration has wrought is a finishing up of the Joseph book. There’s still much to do, but the story has been […]