Monthly Archives: December 2004


May you have the chance to love another, to serve another, to help another grow. May you find beauty in life without blinding yourself to the darkness where sadness and need hold sway. May you heal the wounds that you have caused and forgive those wounds that you have received. May you touch another life in a way that changes it for the better. This is Christmas, the one time of year when we turn our hearts toward the act […]

And So the Season Approaches

A funny time, Christmas. Like the winters of old, it seems to have been more significant in days gone by. It’s as if there has been a second generation of diminution of meaning about the holiday. The first, of course, was when it moved from a celebration of Jesus’ birth to a “Santa and sleigh” holiday, though in that incarnation it remained and remains a metaphoric reflection of its original intent. But this second generation diminution into a marketing fest […]