Monthly Archives: November 2004


There has been a great deal of interest lately regarding what makes Neither Wolf nor Dog work. Much of this has been generated by class discussions and assignments at high schools and universities. I’d be curious as to what you as readers think. If any of you wants to offer a thought, send it to me via the website contact and I’ll post salient parts. It would be nice to know if you’re a native or non-native reader. This could […]

A Bit of a Rant, or Maybe a Sermon

I’ve received several responses to my post-election comments, and I want to follow up a bit. I made those observations — which I truly believe — with full knowledge that there is a certain portion of my readership that either does not wish to find political engagement in my writings, or holds to the belief that self discovery and self realization are basis for any meaningful political change. To the first, I must say that all our decisions and actions […]