Monthly Archives: October 2004

Listening over my shoulder

Last week I was in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where Neither Wolf nor Dog was the first annual selection for their “Community Reads” program. Their hope was to get 3000 people in the community to read and discuss the book. I was invited down to give several presentations. It was a fine event and I was deeply moved, as well as energized, by the community’s interest in the book and subjects it raised. What I believe it did, at least for […]

An interesting interview

I was recently contacted by a man named David Walls who wanted to interview me for a website called He sent me a series of questions, and I thought you might like to look over our shoulders as we carried on the email exchange. Here it is: Can you tell us a little about your background. I was born and raised near Minneapolis. Perhaps the most formative experience of my childhood was going out with my father, who worked […]