Monthly Archives: August 2004

Small Graces follow-up

Good morning, everyone. I told you I would post a few of the responses I received as to why readers appreciated/liked Small Graces. As I noted in an earlier blog post, you did not see them when they were posted because I had to cull them out of hundreds of inexcusable spamming posts for online casinos, viagra, and mortgage refinancings. These are a few snippets from what I received: . . . caught my eye – it was such a […]

A short explanation

I just received an email from a reader gently berating me for not writing more in my weblog. She also wondered why I was not receiving responses to my request for thoughts on Small Graces. A few words of explanation are in order. I have indeed been remiss in keeping up the weblog, and I hope you all understand that summer, work, etc., have taken precedence. I will try to write more as the autumn progresses. As to the Small […]