Monthly Archives: May 2004

Tyler’s headstone is in!

It’s happened. What a fine bit of human sharing, come together around a family’s simple need. In a world where the large forces often seem brutish and beyond our control, it is the small gestures that sometimes speak most eloquently. Marvel, for a moment, at the profound ordinariness of this all, then consider what we, together, have done. For those of you who have not been following this or have come late to the party, go back and read “Candles […]

A long-sought moment

There comes a moment in any creative project, whether writing, painting, composing, or anything else, when the work suddenly comes alive in your hands. What was a mass of disconnected materials mystically congeals and takes on a life of its own. You become almost an observer rather than a creator — you are a midwife to a new birth. It is for this moment that all creators live. Instead of cogitating and anguishing, you rush around in a kind of […]