Monthly Archives: March 2004

I don’t usually do this . . .

Like most of you, I get a fair number of forwarded emails from friends who think that the content is something I should see. Occasionally they are humorous; mostly, they are political. I look upon them as the cyber-equivalent of bumper stickers and usually give them a quick skim. Sometimes, however, something catches my attention and holds it. This link, sent to me by a reader friend near Seattle, is a prime example. There is something so real, so unselfconscious […]

Sorry I haven’t written

Sorry I have been so remiss in writing. I’ve been waiting to hear from the family on the headstone. We have collected about $800, which will get us a flat stone with a laminated picture of Tyler and a votive candle holder. I’ve turned the project over to the family. But their life is one of seemingly endless sorrow and bad luck. The oldest son has been in the hospital with a stroke/diabetic complications, the woman herself has just had […]