Monthly Archives: February 2004

Tyler’s Headstone, continued

Hello, everybody. Since I’ve last written, we have received many donations to the headstone fund. It has been a wonderfully gratifying experience. The family of the boy has been overwhelmed and overjoyed. Their misfortune in life continues, with the woman of whom I wrote now needing several surgeries, and not having, shall we say, the most bountiful benefit package in the world from our great American flagship, WalMart. So this beautiful moment of the headstone is a joy that shines […]

A Tearful Success

Well, the campaign for the headstone has been a wonderful success. The Unitarians, bless their ever-questioning souls, came through with unexpected generosity. The woman and I spoke together at the service. I told the story of how I got involved. She showed pictures of the young boy and told the story of the gravesite and how the cemetery board had made her take down her decorations. Then I brought up the dream of the headstone and how they could be […]