Monthly Archives: October 2003

Random thoughts

Something a little self-serving tonight. I’d like to ask your help. The other day I had to meet with a woman who was interested in enlisting me for a writing project. She mentioned that she had gone to and read the readers’ reviews of my books. I check those out periodically, and assume that potential readers do, too. But I had never drawn the very obvious conclusion that publishers and others who might have interest in my work also […]

Leonard Peltier

I recently received a comment on one of my submissions in which the writer spoke about the plight of Leonard Peltier. In all honesty, at first I thought the note was a generic submission generated by some arcane software technology that picks out a key word from cyberspace and homes in on every site that uses it. But this, it turns out, was far from the case. The comment was written by a real person, a deeply caring person, who, […]