Monthly Archives: September 2003

Insight, or oversimplification?

The other day a friend asked me why I seemed more attuned to Native American spirituality than to Christianity. It seemed a false dichotomy, and I was tempted to launch into a labored clarification. Instead, without thinking, I blurted out, “Because I feel more responsible to my past than I do to my future.” Food for thought.

4 A.M. Zombies

Some of my male friends and I have a standing joke. It goes like this: “I was up last night at 4 A.M., wandering around, bored out of my skull.” “You should have just called any of the rest of us. We were all up, too.” It seems to be a malady/affliction of middle aged men, neither understood nor shared by our happily sleeping wives. I call us the 4 o’clock zombies. It’s easy to say that we’re the victims […]