Month: June 2003


Hello everybody,

I’ve been struggling toward cyber literacy so I can actually keep some measure of communication with you all. This is my first real attempt — a blog. It is, in effect, a test. So take it as that, and hope that more substantial offerings will follow.


We are in the middle of revamping the web site.

As you can see, we’ve added a weblog to the home page, with the option of attaching comments to any weblog entry.

And the subscription box on the right provides a way to subscribe to the weblog — easy to get on it, easy to get off.

More additions to the site coming soon, including weblog posts from Kent. And shortly after that, we’ll send out the first edition of the weblog digest/newsletter to all the people who’ve sent in their email addresses over the past couple of years. Thanks for your patience.

– Griff Wigley, webmaster